Vobile Group
We are driven by data, a love of entertainment, and an entrepreneurial spirit. We service the world’s largest platforms, film studios, TV networks, sports leagues, music labels, and other IP rights holders.

Vobile Group is a leading global provider of digital content asset protection and transaction software as a service (SaaS). Vobile develops a series of software services based on its core patented VDNA fingerprinting and watermarking technologies to protect copyrights and increase distribution revenue for digital content asset owners, such as movie studios, TV networks, and streaming platforms. The Group is committed to empowering the digital culture industry with AI technologies and offers digital infrastructure service capabilities for digital asset protection and transaction related in the Web3 era. The Group provides customers with efficient professional solutions through subscription and value-added services.

Vobile continues to accumulate its core capabilities of digital content rights protection and transaction, and is committed to building the necessary technical infrastructure for the protection and transaction of digital content assets, and to enhance the effective delivery of the value of the industrial ecosystem. Creative content is the core value of the film and television industry, and the protection and transaction of creative content is the foundation to support the value chain. With the rise of generative AI technologies and its impact on content production and distribution, we continue to strengthen our core competitiveness in the digital content rights protection and transaction field to support our clients to maintain the core value of their digital content assets in the ever-changing content era. We are committed to serving global content creators, and making creative content more valuable.

Vobile Milestones

Birth of Vobile
The founders established an office in Silicon Valley and independently developed VDNA technology.
Inaugural Global Major Client Order
Signed the inaugural major Content Protection SaaS contract with Disney
Emmy Award Recipient
Recipient of the "The 69th Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards" presented by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) in the United States.
Debut on the HKSE Main Board
Vobile (SEHK: 3738) debuts on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, establishing our global headquarters in Hong Kong.
Forging Value-Added Services
Acquisition of ZEFR, unveiling a new trajectory in value-added businesses centered around revenue sharing and monetization on social media platforms.
Acquisition of Video Watermark Patent Technology
Reached an agreement with Verance Corporation and acquired its digital watermark technology and solutions.
Included in Hang Seng Index
Recognized by Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited and included in the Hang Seng Index (HSI) , Hang Seng Internet & Information Technology Index (HSIII), and The Hang Seng Stock Connect Hong Kong Index(HSHKI) as a constituent stock.
Acquisition of Particle Technology
Completion of the acquisition and business integration of Particle Technology, further expanding the landscape of China's digital content asset business