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Opening Roles

Hong Kong

Entertainment Partnership Manager
- Responsible for identifying and maintaining relationships with clients in the entertainment and film industry in Hong Kong, liaising with relevant film production companies. Candidates with relevant experience and resources are preferred; - Independently plan and execute promotional activities, both online and offline, for film projects and short video products; - Develop collaboration strategies for products and entertainment projects, periodically assess and analyze collaboration outcomes; - Set project goals, plans, and coordinate internal and external teams and resources to ensure the smooth implementation of projects.


Data Analyst show/hide
- Proficiency in common statistical methods and experience in modeling-related projects are required; - Expertise in at least one statistical analysis tool/software, such as Python, SQL, or SAS, is required; - Responsibilities include data collection, filtering, modeling, and analysis based on operational needs; - Collaborate with personnel from other departments to analyze and research data requirements in the film and television industry, providing data support for project operations.
  • Social Media Operations Specialist

    - Candidates majoring in fields such as TV directing, film and television advertising, journalism, culture and arts, and English are preferred; - Candidates should be familiar with the American social media platform landscape and have practical experience in daily account management on major platforms; - Proficiency in graphic design and video editing is required, with proficiency in software like PR and PS; - The ideal candidate should have unique insights and innovative ideas for popular videos, as well as strong artistic creativity and excellent writing skills.

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  • Accounting Assistant

    We are looking for an Accounting Assistant to join our new operating center in Gainesville. You will work closely with the office manager and be responsible for a variety of accounting functions.

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Working Places
Hong Kong
Vobile Group's global headquarters is strategically situated in Times Square, Causeway Bay, right at the heart of Hong Kong Island. The company made its debut on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (SEHK) in 2018, marking the establishment of its global headquarters in this dynamic city. Hong Kong acts as a critical conduit between China and the rest of the world, serving as a vibrant hub for cultural exchange. The city's rich historical and cultural fabric, woven together with the burgeoning digital content industry, fosters a unique cultural ecosystem. This environment has been incredibly conducive to Vobile Group's growth in digital economics, cultural innovation, and technology. Taking full advantage of its headquarters' prime location, Vobile Group has successfully launched Votion Studios, the first extended reality studio in the Greater Bay Area, and has initiated numerous significant project partnerships. Over recent years, Hong Kong has been actively enhancing and cultivating emerging industries, aiming to position itself as an international center for innovation and technology, a regional hub for intellectual property trade, and a pivotal platform for cultural and artistic exchanges between China and abroad. This strategic focus has laid a fertile groundwork for Vobile Group to expand into the Asian market and capitalize on the flourishing opportunities within the digital cultural industry.
Vobile Group has regional headquarters in Silicon Valley (Santa Clara Valley, California) and Florida, with its team continuing to expand in size. Silicon Valley serves as the center of technology innovation in the United States and is one of the birthplaces of Vobile Group, where world-class high-tech industries converge. The unique atmosphere of technological innovation, entrepreneurial environment, and innovation mechanisms provide a solid ecological foundation for Vobile Group's aggregated growth. With the continuous growth of its business in Florida, Vobile Group has added nearly 10,000 square feet of space dedicated to the innovation of products, research and development, and operations center in the state. Leveraging strong cooperative relationships and geographical advantages, Vobile Group continuously recruits some of the world’s top artificial intelligence engineers and professionals from the most renowned universities in the United States for AI, such as the University of Florida. This strategy ensures a steady supply of top-tier talent for product technological upgrades and business innovation within the group.
Vobile Group has established its regional headquarters in Hangzhou, China. As one of the first cities to embrace the digital economy, Hangzhou boasts a strong atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship, offering a favorable business environment for cultural and technological enterprises. This has provided Vobile Group with a premium track for accelerated development. Situated in the Zhejiang University Alumni Enterprise Headquarters Economy Garden, the company benefits from Zhejiang University's academic, talent, technological, and think tank resources, which significantly enhances the clustering effect of the digital economy and the digital culture industry. Vobile Group has also engaged in active cooperation with the College of Media and International Culture at Zhejiang University, jointly establishing a global research center for the digital cultural industry. This collaboration spans multiple domains, including global film and media, and aims to promote high-quality development in industry research, talent cultivation, and technological innovation. In recent years, the company has seen rapid growth in its business operations in China. Vobile Group intends to continue leveraging Hangzhou's position as a hub of scientific and technological innovation, gathering global innovative resources to further explore vast development opportunities.