VDNA Fingerprint
Vobile Group's VDNA digital fingerprint technology has garnered widespread recognition and was honored with the 69th Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) in the United States.

VDNA Fingerprint

The VDNA digital fingerprint technology of Vobile Group can extract the key characteristics of digital content for content identification. In 2018, Vobile Group was honored with the 69th Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for its outstanding contribution to protecting the value and copyrights of film and television content, which has been widely recognized in the television industry.

VDNA digital fingerprint technology is widely used in the field of audiovisual content identification and copyright protection. By generating a unique fingerprint for digital content and performing precise matching, this technology can quickly and efficiently find digital content with matching "genes" in a vast amount of data. Even if the content is altered through editing, intercutting, tampering, or even changes in format, bitrate, or resolution, it cannot evade the discerning eye of VDNA digital fingerprint technology. With its rapid and accurate identification capabilities, this technology safeguards content creation in the "information explosion" of the digital age.

VDNA Fingerprint Strength

Industry-leading Copyright Protection Technology

Ranked first among global enterprises in video content identification technology evaluation organized by the Motion Picture Association and Movie Labs, our technology showcases a significant advantage and leads the world.

Leading Global Video DNA Database

Our film and TV VDNA digital fingerprint technology is supported by a massive and certified video DNA database, recognized globally. It can quickly and accurately compare video content, identify copyright violations, and protect the rights of our clients.

Efficient Retrieval and Accurate Identification

By engaging in real-time with the platform’s database and extracting specialized content features, we have achieved the identification and precise management of audiovisual content hundreds of billions of times. For over a decade, our service has maintained a record of zero misjudgments.

24/7 Automated Monitoring

With uninterrupted network evidence collection and powerful machine learning operating 24/7, we effectively solve issues of infringement content being undetected or incomplete.

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