Enhancing traceability to achieve comprehensive tracking of the dissemination path and origin of infringing content

Watermark technology enhances the ability to trace infringing content by embedding feature information into digital media such as videos and images. This feature information includes a complete ownership record, is invisible to the naked eye, and does not affect the usability of digital works. By adding digital watermarks to streaming videos, it becomes possible to track the content's dissemination path and origin, significantly enhancing the deterrent capability against infringing parties.

The synergy between digital watermark and VDNA fingerprint technology allows for retracing the origin of content propagation after identifying target content. This prevents unauthorized usage and dissemination, while also providing copyright holders with legally meaningful evidence of infringement. This comprehensive approach integrates V-DNA's ability to recognize infringing content through film and television gene digital fingerprints with watermark technology's capacity to trace the origins of infringed content, establishing an all-encompassing capability for copyright protection.

Features of Digital Watermark

Comprehensive and Precise Scene Coverage

Covering many scenarios, realizing the precise capture of piracy transmission paths, and providing copyright holders with legally significant evidence of infringement.

Efficiently Halting the Propagation of Copyright Infringement

Watermarks are seamlessly embedded within digital carriers, such as videos and images, without compromising the usability of digital content products. Once the targeted content is located, the origin of content transmission can be traced to block unauthorized usage and distribution.

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