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Email Pricing

We have an extensive range of email hosting packages available for you. Example: yourname@vobile.com
Go to Vobile Red

Vobile Red

1 Secure Vobile email account: $10/month or $80/year

Go to Vobile Green

Vobile Green

2 secure Vobile email accounts: $18/month or $150/year

Go to Vobile Blue

Vobile Blue

3 secure Vobile email accounts: $26/month or $220/year

Go to Vobile Gold

Vobile Gold

4 secure Vobile email accounts: $34/month or $280/year

Vobile Black

5+ Vobile email accounts for a heavy email or business user. Feel free to contact us about your email needs.

Vobile Custom

You can use Vobile.com but for the most professional business look. you’ll want to use your own domain. you@yourdomain.com – Contact Us

About Vobile

In business since 2002
Vobile: Celebrating 15 years of online business.

A recently conducted study found that employees spend an average 28% of their time using with email. By using Vobile, your business can take advantage of our incredible speed and powerful management tools to greatly reduce this burden, freeing up more time to get the real work done. Email is vital to your business' success, and you need it to be up and running 24/7. Our experienced team keeps Vobile email running with some of the best up time in the business, plus a comprehensive backup account including two live replicas of your email and a 7 day rotational offline backup. That’s reliability you can trust. Email can be very expensive. You need powerful machines for fast access, lots of space to store your email archive, and experienced administrators to keep it all up and running. Vobile ensures you only pay for the number of accounts you need. Instead of spending thousands for a single server, you can upgrade to our fully-redundant hosting from just $25/year per account. No hidden fees, no lock in contracts, no cost shocks. Just reliable secure email at an awesome price. The Vobile service is flexible enough to meet the demands of most online industries. Business is about executing tasks together. Vobile can make that quicker and easier with a global company address book, shared calendars with privacy controls, and even shared mail folders. VOBILE: Virtual Mail, Anytime, Anywhere, Worldwide.

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