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Vobile Completes Acquisition of Zefr’s Rights ID and Channel ID Businesses, Financed by Accel-KKR Credit Partners

18 November, 2021

Vobile, Inc. (“Vobile”), the market leader in online video content protection and monetization, today announced the successful completion of its acquisition of Zefr’s Rights ID and Channel ID businesses with financing from Accel-KKR Credit Partners, a fund managed by leading technology-focused investment firm, Accel-KKR.

Vobile provides video content protection services to the world’s top entertainment studios and television networks. The acquired Rights ID and Channel ID businesses focus on content monetization and viewer engagement maximization. These businesses share customer bases and use complementary technologies to help content owners maintain full control of their assets on the Internet.

“This is an exciting milestone for Vobile, as we round out the world’s leading video content protection and monetization platform at a time when major media companies are redefining video distribution models with the launch of direct-to-consumer (DTC) subscription services,” said Yangbin Wang, CEO and Founder of Vobile. “Stopping online piracy to minimize subscription revenue loss and leveraging social media influencer marketing to maximize subscriber base are critically important to the success of DTC businesses.”

“This acquisition is strategic and transformative. It will accelerate our revenue growth and lead to long-term success at Vobile,” added Wang. “When selecting a financing partner, we looked for a team who understood the value proposition of the merger and had the ability to execute quickly. Accel-KKR has been committed to the success of the transaction and has taken the time to understand our unique business.”

“At Accel-KKR, we invest in vertically oriented technology businesses that add value to their niche industry,” said Samantha Shows, Managing Director and Head of Credit Investing at Accel-KKR. “In our industry research, we have come to understand that Vobile along with Rights ID and Channel ID are viewed as thought leaders by content owners and production studios. We are pleased to support the acquisition and are excited to see Vobile expand with innovative solutions to help content owners address digital piracy and revenue opportunities.”

Vobile (SEHK: 3738) is a global leading SaaS provider of essential technology infrastructure for digital content asset protection and transaction. The company establishes a solid customer base with trusted long-term relationships, which include global premier content creators, rights holders and platforms. Vobile’s technology services that are integral to digital content protection and transactions and aim to maximize value for IP rights holders.

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