Vobile Group is a leading global provider of digital content asset protection and transaction software as a service (SaaS)

Vobile develops a series of software services based on its core patented VDNA fingerprinting and watermarking technologies to protect copyrights and increase distribution revenue for digital content asset owners, such as movie studios, TV networks, and streaming platforms. The Group is committed to empowering the digital culture industry with AI technologies and offers digital infrastructure service capabilities for digital asset protection and transaction related in the Web3 era. The Group provides customers with efficient professional solutions through subscription and value-added services.

Vobile continues to accumulate its core capabilities of digital content rights protection and transaction, and is committed to building the necessary technical infrastructure for the protection and transaction of digital content assets, and to enhance the effective delivery of the value of the industrial ecosystem. Creative content is the core value of the film and television industry, and the protection and transaction of creative content is the foundation to support the value chain. With the rise of generative AI technologies and its impact on content production and distribution, Vobile continues to strengthen our core competitiveness in the digital content rights protection and transaction field to support our clients to maintain the core value of their digital content assets in the ever-changing content era. We are committed to serving global content creators, and making creative content more valuable.

One-stop Digital Content Rights Identification and Transaction Solutions
Vobile Group offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for digital content rights identification and transactions, ensuring that the rights of creators are fully respected and protected. Our services are designed to promote a broader and more transparent dissemination of creative content, aiding in the fair representation of its value. This commitment underscores our dedication to empowering creators and enhancing the visibility of their work in the digital realm.

Whole Network Scanning

Utilizing VDNA digital fingerprint technology, along with extensive scanning, to identify pirated content worldwide and provide evidence to copyright owners.

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Digital Rights Identification

Applying our core patented digital watermark recognition technology to video streaming platforms, providing unique identification features for original content.

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Revenue Distribution

Leveraging patented recognition technology and established business relationships with platforms, we identify unauthorized use of content fragments or user-generated secondary creations on monetization platforms. This enables copyright owners to reclaim their content rights and corresponding revenue.

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Transaction Monetization

By leveraging a distribution network and operational capabilities that encompass both long and short video formats, we provide a vast amount of content with a revenue-sharing-based distribution and monetization service, contingent on viewership results.

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Core Patent Technology:
Simplifying Rights Confirmation and Traceability for Content Creators

The VDNA fingerprint technology extracts key features from content, creating a unique fingerprint for digital material.

Watermark technology enhances the ability to trace infringed content, achieving the tracking of content distribution paths and origins.

Diverse Product Portfolio Offering an Intelligent Service Experience
Why Choose Vobile
At Vobile, we are dedicated to content creators. By offering digital infrastructure services to creators worldwide, we provide an unprecedented copyright service experience. Our dedication ensures that creators' earnings are respected and protected, making creative content more valuable.