We are driven by data, a love of entertainment, and an entrepreneurial spirit. We service the world’s largest platforms, film studios, TV networks, sports leagues, music labels, and other content owners.

Vobile began in 2005 with offices in Santa Clara, CA and Hangzhou, China. By 2007, we were recognized by MovieLabs as the best content protection technology in the industry.

Offices in Japan and Hong Kong followed, along with an initial public offering on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 3738). Along the way, we made key acquisitions of Blayze (2014), Rentrak (2015), IP-Echelon (2018), and the RightsID and ChannelID divisions of ZEFR (2019).

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We’re technology innovators and were recognized in 2017 by the Emmy Awards for Technology and Engineering.

Vobile’s suite of solutions empowers our customers to protect, monetize, and market their content, bringing our years of experience to rights holders, platforms, and content creators at all levels, everywhere in the world.